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Azul Platform Prime

Cloud and engineering teams use Azul Platform Prime to reduce cloud waste and leverage committed cloud spend, all while improving carrying capacity and maintaining service levels for growing workloads. Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK (Zing) are the key component provided by Azul Platform Prime. Zing is an enhanced build of OpenJDK for superior performance, consistency and efficiency thanks to the C4 Garbage Collector and Falcon JIT Compiler. With Azul Platform Prime, you get access to various other components like ReadyNow, Optimizer Hub, monitoring tools, and much more.

Overview of Azul Platform Prime

Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK

Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK (Zing) are a modern, TCK-compliant Java platform based on OpenJDK. It’s a “drop-in replacement,” you don’t need to recompile your code. Running your Java workloads with Zing delivers:

  • Low, consistent response latency of your Java workloads.

  • Higher total throughput and carrying capacity, even under strict response latency SLAs.

  • Faster warm-up to your application’s steady-state performance and less deviations from steady-state performance over the life of your Java application.

  • Infrastructure savings from serving the same load with fewer Java instances.

Zing delivers these benefits through:

  • Lower latency outliers thanks to the C4 pauseless garbage collector.

  • Higher throughput and code speed thanks to the Falcon JIT compiler.

  • Lower warmup time and less deoptimizations thanks to the ReadyNow warmup optimizer and Cloud Native Compiler.

Getting Started

Testing Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK

Once you’ve installed Zing, you probably want to compare how it performs compared to your current installation of OpenJDK.

Tuning Azul Zing Builds of OpenJDK

Support Tiers Provided by Azul Platform Prime

The following levels of enterprise technical support subscriptions are available within Azul Platform Prime:

  • Standard Support Tier: Quarterly releases, next business day support during business hours, and more.

  • Premium Support Tier: Out-of-cycle bug fixes and early release access, 24x7x365 support, and more.

  • Platinum Support Tier: Premium support tier + faster quarterly CPU updates.

For all commercial info, check Azul Platform Prime on our website.